Cowbit village is a small and tight-knit community, having a population of around 1220 people. Cowbit has its own local school, shop and garage and is perfectly placed in a rural setting, being only 2 miles from Spalding and 16 miles from Peterborough.


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Cowbit Village Website - LAST UPDATE 23rd Aug 2021

Cowbit Scarecrow Festival


After toiling through nearly 80 voting forms and we are pleased to say that we can announce that the results of the weekends Scarecrow Festival.
So drum roll........

First place with a score of 714 out of 760 is number 27
Harry Potter and the curse of Cowbit.
Second place is number 13 Mr Bean with a score of 682 out of 760
Third place is number 12 Singing in the Rain with a score of 592 out of 760.
Fourth place is number 28 NHS with a score of 582
Fifth place is number 2 Corn Dolly with a score of 580
Sixth place is number 19 Childminder with a score of 542

We would like to say a big thank you to all of those who entered a Scarecrow and to all those people who took time out to go round and judge and hopefully were entertained by the entries.

Keep an eye out in the local papers too!!!
We would like to repeat this again next year and would appreciate any feedback to make a repeat success if possible.


Claire and Marcus.


















10th anniversary of Cowbit FB


June 24th marks the 10th anniversary of the Cowbit Facebook group originally under a different name; it was set up as a support group for residents to organise fundraising for the following year's Golden Jubilee in 2012.
At the time it was only considered to be temporary for a one-off event and after it was completed would be deleted, we didn’t even use a website for the village.

By the time we held the Jubilee, social media had grown even more and the group had grown in members to over 200 and proved very useful at getting the message out to people very quickly. 

The following year we found we needed a second Facebook group to deal with all the commercial requests for businesses we were getting and swamping the posts of community information and questions.

The Facebook group now has 1.9K members; not all residents but the vast majority are connected to the village and is supported by a team of 5 admin members that look after the membership and make sure the rules are being followed.
10 years after and a year through Covid it has proven itself to be a valuable resource in a virtual world where online teaching and working is commonplace;  and who knows what it will look like in the next 10 years. 
Happy 10th Birthday CowbitVillage Facebook group 



Mon 19th Jul we are open to party

The Cowbit Village Hall is looking forward to welcoming people for their celebrations when we enter step 4 planned for July 19th, 2021. 
We have made some changes to keep the hall Covid safe and will give a full refund if the event has to be cancelled due to any new Covid restrictions.

To make a booking contact Darren on 01406 821836, 


or visit our website 

Due to the delay in the government lockdown we have had to postpone the first bingo until Friday 8th Oct 7.30pm
(If we are in Step 4 as planned) 
welcome all new and old to the hall, doors open at 6.30.






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