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I am the new editor of the village magazine for Weston, Weston Hills, Peak Hill and Cowbit 

The Village Voice ceased its circulation to our villages as of the last edition in December.
The new magazine will be a similar format and will be circulated to over 1400 homes and will run from its first edition in Feb 2015.
That first edition will cover Feb and Mar 2015 and we will then produce the same every 2 months as below. I have included copy deadlines for each edition.
Months covering
Copy deadline
1 Feb/Mar    15th Jan 2016
2 Apr/May    12th Mar 2016
3 Jun/Jul      14th May 2016
4 Aug/Sept   16th Jul 2016
5 Oct/Nov     10th Sept 2016
6 Dec/Jan     12th Nov 2016
If you have any other info you would like including that doesn’t currently feature then contact me to discuss and we will try to ensure it gets into the magazine.
If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me either via email or the number at the bottom.

Many thanks for your support and I look forward to working with you all in 2015.
01775 763102 – 9am – 5pm


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Elloe Oracle is a community newsletter we are a non-profit company, but we still need income to cover our running costs.
A big thank you to the business that have supported us in our first issue. We have classified and ¼ page ads available in the newsletter 
We are also looking for any one that would like to be in our featured ad page, sponsor the front cover,  or use the new delivery service and can post your flyers to over 1400 homes.
We also have a Facebook page, Twitter account, email the newsletter and to have is accessible online too.

If you would like to know more please contact: daz1.harper@sky.com

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